Node OSS

This is a simple npm module for documenting the OSS in your node.js project. See our documentaion here.

How it works

node-oss piggy packs off of a native npm function npm list. This function recursively returns all the npm modules in your project. node-oss uses this list and finds all the unique projects as npm's nested nature produces many duplicates. It then scrapes the web to find the license for each npm module. Finally it returns a .CSV listing all the modules alphabetically along with their licenses.

What if node-oss fails to find the license?

If it fails to scrape the license, node-oss will place the url for the npm package in its place so you can do what you need to do to find it yourself.

How about non-npm open source?

Assuming you wish to document all the OSS used in your node.js project, you may inform node-oss of root OSS project (like node.js itself) by add a file called osslist.json to your root directory. In osslist.json you can enumerate further OSS projects (see below).

There is also a feature to parse front end projects, documentation coming soon.


To use node-oss simple run the following command:

 sudo npm install -g node-oss

(Note this package does not work in windows! and likely never will.) After you have it installed simple cd to your root directory and run


and watch the data come back in your terminal. When its done it will write a .CSV file to the directory called openSource-[date].csv.

If you wish you may declare further OSS to be included in the .CSV, by adding osslist.json to the root directory. Here is an example of how this file is to be formatted:

      "OSS" : {
           "Nodejs" : {
                "url"     : "",
                "license" : ""
           "Another Project" : {
                "license" : "MIT"
           "Yet Another" : {
                "url"     : "path/for/your/refference",
                "license" : "BSD"

including the url is entirely optional right now, but may have a use in the future. For the moment its just for your reffernce as a part of documentaion.